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Zine Making

Dates - Monday 9th January to Thursday 12th January

Time - 11:00am to 1:00pm

Location - The Fremantle Library

Price - Free

BYO magazines to cut and create!

Zine Making - OceanLife Festival Fremantle.jpg

A Zine is a small circulation, self-published, low-fi magazine, that can be about literally anything. The history of Zines is connected with various social rights movements, and political pushes for justice, as a democratic way to share information outside mainstream media.


These drop-in workshops are to get creative, express yourself, design and make a Zine for the OceanLife Festival. These one-page designs will make your ocean health and ocean life messages easily shareable. They can be photocopied and printed in the library. We are keen to hear what messages you want to share with the other  OceanLife Festival participants about ocean health, ocean life and marine biodiversity conservation. Join us each weekday from Monday to Thursday to research how best to care for our oceans, copywrite for the Zine itself, help design the Zine, and eventually print the finished Zine for our Festival patrons to read. 


To contribute to this Zine you can draw, write, collage, research, edit, design, anything to help in its collaborative creation. BYO recycled magazines, please. 

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